New Coffee: La Julia - Nicolas Ocampo Maya

Our first Colombian offering of the year is a 100% Tabi micro lot from La Julia, and boasts a Kenya-like juiciness, with exceptional fruit quality.

La Julia is a coffee farm located in Trujillo – Valle mountains, between 1.320 and 1.650 meters above sea level. It's owners are a pair of brothers who believe in the Colombian countryside and a part of the new coffee growers generation that bets on the rural development in  the country. 

Nicolas and team have certified La Julia farm as Rainforest Alliance since year 2006, demonstrating their high commitment regarding sustainable development in coffee growth and Colombian countryside. They understand that taking care of the planet and sustainability are everyone´s responsibility and thats why we have committed themselves to the environment, establishing reforestation plans and watersheds preservation, that exceed 15% of the farm area. In addition, we are committed to our employees, their families and community welfare, supporting and promoting education and basic sanitation.