July Narrative Coffee: The Magic of Guji

150g Odo Shakisso, 150g Burtuukana Lot 7

Featured in July's Narrative Coffee subscription are two coffees from Guji: Main Harvest 2018 Odo Shakisso Grade 1, and Israel Degfa's Natural Processed Burtuukana Lot 7 - Main Harvest 2017.

The first coffee I ever roasted was from Guji.  I remember when I finally "nailed" (not sure why roasters use this term) a roast that my sensei was happy with: the coffee resonated with juiciness, vibrancy, and a honey-like sweetness that I will never forget.

Now that main harvest Ethiopia is close to full swing, I wanted to share two coffees I feel match that memory: from the Shakisso Washing Station a Grade 1 washed processed coffee, and Israel's Burtuukana Lot 7.  Both washed and natural offerings lean toward raw juiciness and sweetness, and both profiles are meant to really showcase those flavors.