August's Narrative Coffee: Early Harvest and Main Harvest - what's the deal?

August 2018: Early Harvest vs Main Harvest - Jimma, Ethiopia

150g Early Harvest Yukro Lot #4, 150g Main Harvest Yachi Kachise

August's feature is a special look into the difference of harvest seasons in a concentrated region of origin.  Subscribers this month will receive 150g of an Early Harvest Yukro Lot #4, and 150g of a main harvest Yachi Kachise.

When it comes to the logistics of delivering green coffee from origin, options are rarely in favor of farmers and their partners at source. On the origin side, the exporter wants to ensure the timely delivery of containers to their destination, and is often burdened with balancing out the early and late portions of the harvest. The importer always takes a risk in shipping containers that aren't full: while many of these coffees will already have found a home prior to ship, the importer isn't able to maximize their return on the container. 

Sometimes however, it works out for all parties.  A few months ago we were able to get our hands on some Early Harvest Yukro from the Jimma region of Ethiopia.  Jimma is a big coffee growing region, and for the longest time was ignored by importers seeking the gems of south eastern Ethiopia (Guji, Yirgacheffe, Kochere). At the time of roast, we found the coffee to be lovely but a bit muted.  Into the freezer it went for months, and after dethawing and roasting a few sample batches, we are very happy with how the coffee has opened up.  We find that pairing it with our main harvest Yachi Kachise is a lovely pairing that really gives the brewer insight on harvest seasons.  

We hope you enjoy this month's subscription.